We monitor digital activity using the latest technologies to analyze and strategically respond in the online market. Blue Island Digital provides up-to-the-minute, accurate reports based on metrics most relevant for your business.

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Are your leads getting “stuck” in the sales funnel? Proper monitoring and analysis are pertinent to pinpoint the channels and content that need adjustment.

Remember that Digital Marketing is an ongoing process that requires constant attention to keep your business growing. When executed effectively, it creates a system that consistently produces qualified leads for your business!

Blue Island Digital keeps its clients informed with actionable reports that outline current activity and strategies to stay ahead of the industry competition. Blue Island Digital ID analyzes its client’s position in the marketplace along with their competitors. We present data to our clients on a granular level: search position rankings, website effectiveness, ROI, consumer demographics & shopping device, and many more.

A majority of the national consumer base is finding new ways to take advantage of the World Wide Web for everyday shopping.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to use the internet to your advantage – especially when there are many competitors in the same industry trying to attract the same consumers. In order to entice customers, businesses must build meaningful relationships with their online network.

Targeted monitoring crucial to relationship building because it reveals business performance immediately at any point in time. Rather than measuring consumer trends on a monthly or even quarterly period,Blue Island Digital tracks consumer behavior to the minute. Using our reservoir of analytics tools, we then respond to changes in activity and business performance. Our continuous monitoring also provides insight on consumer demographics like never before. We find out your consumers demographics and shopping habits and use the information to target new consumers with similar traits. Therefore, our analytical strategy translates from maintaining a strong presence ahead of the competition to pointed advertising.

Blue Island Digital focuses on presenting all of this data in a meaningful and understandable way to its clients. We organize stats in charts to display these metrics in an easy to read format.  which social media platform your audience uses most. The more we use it, the more we can understand your customer base, allowing us to mold your digital marketing efforts to fit your audience. Consumer behavior is always changing; therefore your analytical makeup is too.