Espanola-Cross Culture Marketing

Si, Blue Island Digital habla Espanol and we know how to navigate cultural nuances… across all digital platforms.


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Cross-Cultural Marketing:

Leverages ethnic markets to reach break through ethnic barriers. The difference between cross-cultural and total-market advertising is subtle, but important.

Cross-cultural marketing starts with ethnic segments to develop marketing programs that cross over into the general market. Total market, by contrast, starts with the general market and layers in (or more often than not adapts) ethnic elements. A total market ad runs on general market platforms, like network TV in English. Cross-cultural ads, by contrast, can run on mainstream and ethnic media.

We adapt your message to fit the Spanish  culture while maintaining your brand identity.

  • PROCESS: We start with ethnic segments instead of the “general market.” The majority of advertising developed in this country, even in 2016, is done from the general market first. Unlike large ad agencies, we concentrate on the demographics of your market.
  • PERSPECTIVE: We deeply understand and leverage your ethnic consumer network. Perspective comes from analyzing your Hispanic consumers to know how to best satisfy their needs and tailor your message towards them.

In the digital world, ads don’t work. Content does.

People experience content. To change behavior, you need to engage people first through useful, relevant content. These are the tools we use to build engagement, spark motivation, and drive action among the Hispanic culture.

Our approach to cross-cultural marketing is rooted in helping brands understand this evolving sense of cultural identity in America and to keep them relevant to a fluid audience.

We use a thorough audit of your current brand platform and target audiences. We then search your relevancy within the hispanic market. From there, we determine if the strategic insight for the general market works or must be reworked for the Hispanic audience.

Let Blue Island be your partner in exploring the emerging Hispanic market.