The Client’s Need

The world’s only accredited matchmaking school looked to Blue Island Digital for an array of digital services. Its customer relationship management product was outdated and required a complete upgrade of code and ease-of-use, along with technical support and training for users. The Matchmaking Institute also sought out to create a starter package for its graduates: a CRM, website development/maintenance, social media campaigns, blogging, search engine optimization, and an international database of singles.On top of redesigning and upgrading the U/X on its corporate institute website.

The Solution

Blue Island Digital’s development team worked swiftly to enhance all of the Matchmaking Institute’s CRM features, enable full API integration, and program a user-friendly interface. Instructional videos, an extensive FAQ, and streamlined ticketing system were also developed. To achieve the Matchmaking Institute’s ‘starter package’ request, Blue Island Digital created the ‘Matchmaker-in-a-Box’: the full suite of digital services priced and customized for each matchmaker’s needs. New graduates of the Matchmaking Institute are now equipped to enter into the industry with an arsenal of tools and access to millions of singles around the world; singles database, CRM, individual company websites, and ongoing monthly services developed, managed and supported by Blue Island Digital.


Check out an example of one of our matchmaker’s websites here:


Matchmaking Institute


New York, NY

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