PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

It’s all about R.O.I., and fast R.O.I. comes from PPC.

We know how it works, when it’s needed, and how to administer it profitably. While we recommend PPC as a supplement to your organic SEO strategies, we understand the need to gain faster brand exposure. We help you take control of your online marketing by optimizing paid search programs.

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Getting your website noticed is a difficult feat, even when you have a valuable product or service. Considerable effort and cost are required for an effective PPC campaign, and rightfully so.

Blue Island Digital manages all aspects of our clients’ PPC campaigns. Using market analysis, we determine the most effective keywords in the industry. Finding the best-matched combination of keywords to gain organic traffic from a search engine is a complex, ever-changing task.

To do this, Blue Island Digital monitors campaigns routinely during each day to ensure fast responsiveness to changes in spending. We monitor your account regularly so your marketing budget is spent wisely.

Blue Island maintains top paid search rankings for all of its PPC portfolios. Competitive analysis, ongoing monitoring, and responsiveness make up the foundation of our PPC strategy.

Website content is integral to an effective PPC campaigns. Our first and most time-consuming task in PPC is indexing your site.

Pay-per-Click means whenever a consumer clicks on your website from a search engine, you are charged. The amount is based mainly on the popularity of keyword used to elicit your website on the search results.  Further, newer and rebuilt sites don’t rank high in searches because of their elementary online presence. When this is the case, you have wait months before seeing a profit gain from your digital presence or you can leverage Blue Island Digital’s knowledge to see an immediate rank increase and subsequent gain.

A strategic PPC campaign also results in increased interest, sales, and market share.

Here are the best features of PPC:


Key factors of PPC are often overlooked but essential in generating high-quality ads and profitable campaigns. Mistakes in this service result in wasted marketing investments. Blue Island Digital’s years of experience with PPC advertising yields the most effective strategies. Every time.

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