SEO boils down to customer acquisition, and we are experts at ensuring your company is top-ranked on keyword searches. We know if your site’s position isn’t aggressively maintained, you will lose customers to your competitors. We have the knowledge and tools necessary to put your company at the top of search engine results.

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Our goal is simple: get your website at the #1 spot of Google searches. We target your industry-specific keywords, incorporate them in your website, and keep your brand relevant in your industry.

Optimizing is what we do really well and separates our clients from their competition. We are experts with both on-page (inside of your site) and off-page (external, related parts of your site) optimization techniques.

Blue Island Digital uses every part of your site to achieve optimization. We tag images, headers and footers, links, and every other part of your site with keywords that your customers use to search for your service. Then, we keep your website load time fast and make sure it’s mobile responsive.

These SEO efforts are ongoing and used with a strong social media presence and behind-the-scenes web development to keep your brand at the top position on Google. Blue Island Digital’s SEO expertise goes beyond simply setting up your website with keywords to continuous back linking strategies. Our careful analysis of effective backlinks reduces risk of deletion from Google.

Blue Island Digital’s SEO strategy also includes incorporating relevance with local directories. We keep your company consistent on Google maps, Yelp, the BBB, social media, and all other consumer search engines. Consistency on all digital platforms is crucial to brand awareness and reaching customers. We not only know how important this is, but also how to achieve it.

SEO can be a confusing part of digital marketing. We all know the importance of getting our company on the first page of Google searches, but few know exactly how to do that. Blue Island Digital puts your brand in all digital touch points and ahead of your competition. We make you #1 online just like your business is.