The Client’s Need

The Half Wall Beer House took a risk by opening on Canal Street; being a late-night spot on a street known to close down around 5 pm daily would be a challenge. They were in need of a multi-layered marketing strategy that would draw customers from the nightlife strip to Canal Street for Half Wall’s substantial craft beer and food selection.

The marketing director approached Blue Island Digital wanting to target local keywords making the need for an expansive campaign apparent.

Its large size caused the server to crash often, so the Hub’s website needed a complete redesign with user-friendly functionality.

The Solution

Half Wall’s former site was built with an outdated coding language that required an expensive fee per alteration and that lacked search engine capabilities. We decided to update Half Wall’s code to a responsive design in order to fix those issues and gain access to mobile traffic.

Other parts of the strategy included an email marketing campaign, in-store ad displays, integrated social media campaign, SEO, LSEO, eCommerce and gift card sales.

A few months into the campaign, Half Wall’s customer count increased, more restaurants opened on Canal St, and businesses there stayed open later.


The Half Wall Beer House


New Smyrna Beach, FL