The Client’s Need

The client was familiar with our ability to develop extreme and innovative digital products.  They approached us with a unique social media platform concept that allows companies to simultaneously post to all social media channels with simplicity.

The social media concept needed a solid internal structure to gain the attention of their fortune 500 company contacts.  Reliability, design, functionality, and detailed analytics were expected by this level of clientele.


The Solution

We started with a detailed workflow that accounted for the ongoing alterations this kind of living project would require. We constructed a framework that allowed for additional code without affecting the initial structure.  To meet the needs of the high-level clientele, we added a functionality to compile and delivered analytics to each membership’s exclusive dashboard.  Enhanced digital security was developed to protect the proprietary assets of each customer.

We built an interactive design tool to ensure ease-of-use for image manipulation, social media selection, content segmentation, etc.  The final product was one digital package that streamlined the process for dynamic, cross-channel marketing.


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Chicago, IL

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