Oftentimes, businesses are overloaded with bargain website or SEO service offers. They have become so commonplace one would expect all businesses to have impressive websites and top search rankings. But that is not the case.

The difference is strategy.

The days of just using “meta tags” and phrases to get to the top of searches are long gone. And cramming your site with key words and phrases will land you a top spot on the SPAM list.

Adapting to today’s digital marketplace can be done in two ways:

You can buy ad spots (PPC: Pay-Per-Click),  but you will face high risk at a high cost. Even when you finally reach the top, customers have to search for you specifically and still may find your competitors, too.

The other option is to build a strong organic strategy. The key is building a relevant community through social media and a related linking strategy.

Effective strategy is the most difficult to aspect of digital marketing, notably because of the challenge UX (User Experience) presents. Navigability and aesthetics play a large role in website performance for SEO because Google has prioritized good UX of utmost importance for site relevance this year.

Google tests how easy for sample visitors to navigate your site. It is able to discern the simplicity effectiveness of your call-to-actions (CTA) and layouts.

The bottom line: if you don’t have a well-designed website with good UX, a properly monitored backlink program, and a relevant engaging social media campaign, your website will perform poorly.

We strategize to ensure you exceed in all of those areas.

Let Blue Island be your partner in developing results-driven strategy.