Unforced creativity may be in many of us

Unforced Creativity May Be In Many Of Us

The toughest writing challenge I ever had was in high school. The assignment was to write an essay about anything, no set length, or format, and no subject matter to guide us. When I apply that freedom to the motion picture industry, whether that be feature films, television shows, commercials, documentaries, home movies or You Tube videos, I have no idea where to start, just like when I waited until midnight the night before my essay was due to begin (I aced it, BTW). Could it be this unforced creativity may be in many of us ?

In 1968 I had pen, paper, typewriter and whatever I had learned or stolen to bring to the writing table. Now, in 2019, we have the internet, so I have different tools and different circumstances, but I still find a certain frustration in not having an actual assignment to get me started.

I’m surrounded by great crew, great equipment, reasonable resources, a certain amount of creativity (some learned, some stolen, or maybe borrowed), a wide range of image-capturing technical skills and motivation to do great things. With these same resources, I have failed to start at least a hundred great projects, while at the same time I’ve found the opportunity to create at times, great film & video when challenged with an actual event or assignment.

I have a New Year’s Resolution for 2019: Get Out There And Make It Happen !

So, look for my drone to be flying in beautiful places in bright light, or my WaveRunner to be zipping through canopied swamps and rivers with a mounted 360º VR camera, or my seaplane to be traveling in remote, pristine environments (Go Pro and Lumix mounted).

I’ve practiced extensively over the years for dozens and dozens of aviation and marine industry clients, who’ve paid me handsomely to make magic for them. Now I’m going to take a little time to make magic for myself and anyone who wants to take a look. And remember this unforced creativity may be in many of us.

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Brad Fuller

Bradford Fuller is Creative Lead and Managing Partner at Blue Island Digital in Orlando Florida, as well as President, Creative Director and Director/DP at Florida Film & Tape in Orlando. Brad holds both FAA UAV and FAA commercial pilot certificates with SEL, SES, MEL, Instrument, Glider and Seaplane privileges.

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