Helping Clients Through The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

Helping Clients Through The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

Like most of the country, Blue Island Digital is hunkered down and working through the issues and logistics of the Coronavirus pandemic. For most of our clients’ needs we all work from home and have always teleconferenced for essential business needs. So, we’re still open for business and hitting on all cylinders. We’re helping to get the word out when and where needed. The need to communicate clearly and concisely is stronger now than ever, and we’re here to help facilitate that goal. And during this time we’re helping clients through the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic in multiple ways.

Unfortunately, some of our clients are not as fortunate. All of our hospitality industry clients are operating at various levels of downsizing. Medical services and therapy clients are re-evaluating and those in the bricks-and-morter retail business are slowed or stopped. The marine Industry in addition to the aviation industry, two of our strong areas of influence, are in new territory.

On the bright side our dating and relationship industry clients, including matchmakers and dating coaches, have seen an increase in business. As people are more at home now, these virtual services are in more demand.

Every business’s current need to keep their customers informed, and the on-going need to protect and improve their digital presence continues. So, having said that, their market position needs to be as strong or stronger coming out of this.  We’ve been collaborating with all of our valued clients to financially help them through this setback, as necessary. It’s not easy for a small company to also be a bank for customers, but that’s what long-term relationships are based upon…mutual trust and teamwork.

We’ve been around for 40 years and learned how to get through the tough times.

This is the perfect time to take a good hard look at your business’s perception and position in the marketplace and adjust appropriately. There’s no question that, what business in this world looks like now, three months ago and three months in the future, are eye-opening realities. Ignoring the facts could be fatal; thoughtfully building upon the circumstances could be one of the best moves you could make.

The Warren Buffett quote “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked” rings true for those exposed businesses. Those that aren’t strong enough or well-positioned enough to survive the “new normal”.

At Blue Island Digital we remain mobile, nimble, clothed and ready to help get your brand and your message out there.

Give us a shout if we can help in any way, and stay safe, not just for yourself, but for the community.

The Blue Island Digital Team

April 2020

Helping Clients Through The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

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