Progressive Web Apps Are Changing The Game And Saving Money

Progressive Web Apps Are Changing The Game And Saving Money

Many people may never have even heard of them. But make no mistake, Progressive Web Apps are changing the game and saving money on app development. In fact, this blog post that you’re reading right now is on PWA site.

We recently wrote about some of the advantages and that we’re the first Orlando Digital Marketing agency to have mastered the technology. We know because agencies have contacted us to help them with projects. We’re cool with that and glad to help when we can.

Our recent article not only found us some new Advertising Agency friends in Orlando and other places, but questions.

Setting aside the cool stuff, let me tell you the biggest reason again. Its simple, the cost of development and user experience UX. You can easily save $50,000+

A little history. Remember apps were developed back in the days before responsive websites and fast communications. It was not that long ago when there were few high speed WiFi hot spots and 4G mobile phones.

The lack of mobile friendly websites and slow communications required a separate app. Your phone did all the work, like running a single user game.

Today with high speed communications and even faster website technologies like AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) this has all changed.

Everyone who uses an app knows its always different from the website version. Take a look at a dating app or your bank’s mobile app vs the website and you get the picture.

Now with PWA the mobile app version and the website are the same.

Some of the questions we’re heard are “what about security, the app stores, compatibility, how do you do it, etc”.

First any cyber security expert will tell you that apps are much more vulnerable than today’s website firewall software. Phones have limited memory and storage compared to a massive secure server.

People have mentioned I’m going to miss all the users who search the app stores. As for the app stores, (ie: Apple’s App Store and Google Play) there is no issue. In fact they already realize its the future and are welcoming PWA. You can list your PWA as an app on Apple for $99 a year and Google for a one time $25 fee.

But you don’t even need the app stores, as you have already seen on the bottom of this website. You can create the app on your device right from the website.

Now for the last big item we heard about and that was compatibility across devices. This is an easy one. If you use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or even Firefox you’re good to go. I strongly recommend Google Chrome and to stay away from off browsers like Safari. The off browsers have lots of other compatibility issues aside from PWA.

Oh, and I almost forgot, how do you do it ? We’ll contact us and we’ll talk about it.

Don’t think Progressive Web Apps are changing the game and saving money ? Then maybe you heard the one about leading the horse to water.


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  • Daniel says:

    For those unaccustomed to the advantages of PWAs — or even what they look like — the easiest way to define them is a website modeling the features, user interface and user experience an app. This includes mimicking the layout, home screen icon, push buttons and notifications you would usually associate with an app, but all operating from your browser, and offering the same usability on mobile as on desktop.

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