Orlando Aviation Marketing Incredible Success Story

Orlando Aviation Marketing Incredible Success Story

At Blue Island Digital, we work in a variety of industries. We specialize in compelling website design and advanced SEO marketing. Utilizing AMP, Structured Data and several other tricks of the trade we get eyes seeing our clients’ messages. Here is our Orlando aviation marketing incredible success story.

First off, you’ll find our most recent work in an ever increasing number of business sectors. New industries include hotels, hospitality, events, leisure equipment, restaurants, dating advice, matchmaking and relationship coaching. But most significantly our presence in aviation and aircraft manufacturers.

They’re all great clients in great industries, but one of the most rewarding recent experiences for us has been in the aviation industry. We took a reasonably unknown aircraft manufacturer from selling a few aircraft a year to now as many as 3 a week. That company is Super Petrel USA.

On November 10th, 2022, Super Petrel introduced their newest aircraft, the Super Petrel XP. They’ve already sold 10. I’ll say that again, 10 sold in two weeks. That speaks as much to the quality of the aircraft as it does the company. This was all made possible by our strategic marketing efforts.

Through a compelling website design, advanced SEO techniques and the power of video, this phenomenal growth was possible.

Our top Systems Engineer, Jorge Cappel, who’s resume includes development at both Google and Facebook, has been a huge part of this success story.  We have masterfully managed the tools and proprietary techniques that have kept Super Petrel USA in the right media mix for over 2 years.

Blue Island’s video production partner in all things video is Orlando’s Florida Film & Tape (FF&T). For 42 years they have been specialists in the aviation and marine industries. Additionally, they are a long-time production leader in the Southeast.

Brad Fuller is Creative Director of both FF&T and Blue Island Digital. Brad is also a long-time pilot, with a special affinity for seaplanes and other vessels that float.

So, pick up your new Super Petrel XP in Ormond Beach, go to Delray Beach for dinner, visit New Smyrna Beach for a golf cart rental or an overnight stay at an oceanfront hotel. And if you need some relationship advice or date coaching, these are all Blue Island clients. While you may not do all of this at once, you’ll be with our friends and clients on any of these. This gives you a pretty good feel for what Blue Island Digital does to make regular clients happy and successful.

Orlando Aviation Marketing Incredible Success Story

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