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Everyone likes social people

Social media facilitates conversations between a vast array of people by offering platforms to share content, opinions, experiences, and media.

Blue Island constructs a social footprint for each client. First, we analyze which platforms will drive business for the client’s industry. Some companies will need to reach their social communities on a large scale, once or twice a week. Some only once a month. For other companies, it’s important to announce flash sales and talk to their customers on a moment’s notice. Each of these types has different social platforms that are appropriate to reach and expand their markets. Blue Island Digital recognizes these unique needs and develops social campaigns that target their audiences and grow their social footprints.

Blue Island creates professional profiles for relevant social media sites for  our clients in order to create a community of loyal followers. A domino effect results: the more people who view a profile, the more they tell others about it, the greater brand awareness will be.

Beyond mere page likes, we focus on creating dynamic profiles complete with CTA’s, links, videos, etc. We make social  profiles representations of client’s websites and enhancements of their local presence.

Social media works much like websites; content is key. Blue Island focuses on bringing a different side of your brand to life through social. We help you reach the right customers and connect with them on a personal level that can only be achieved by social platforms. Blue Island Digital knows how to use social to drive business and brand awareness. Trend research and immediate responses are at the focus of our social strategy. We put you in the center of your local communities with posts related to current events and related news.

Facebook is the dominate social channel, so we concentrate social efforts on it. Unlike other companies who use business Facebook pages for self-promote, we structure our clients’ pages to fit the unique needs of social media. We attract attention with genuine posts related to local communities.

We will make your profile professional, impressive and genuine.

The more Facebook attention you receive, the better your google rankings will be. Social media is the future of digital marketing and we are equipped with the techniques necessary to stay ahead of the social curve.

Social Media Marketing

Today, everyone is connected but to what and when is a moving target. From Facebook to Twitter to Linkedin is today’s hot new thing to tomorrow’s surprise favorite. Blue Island Digital manages your social media to create a single voice and image

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